Wait, what??

So apparently the New Mexico Police department fucked up…

I mean wtf, this isn’t like a raid on a drug house that comes up empty.  The NMPD acting on what they thought was a “credible tip” ordered this women to go through a “forcible and thorough” body cavity search.

Here’s the kicker…After they didn’t find anything they stuck this poor woman with the bill!!!

Here’s what it really comes down to….Courtesy of RT news…

“Before Congress earlier this year, Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) spoke out against the War on Drugs that has imprisoned millions since President Nixon launched it 40 years ago.”

“The human cost of the failed drug war has been enormous – egregious racial disparities, shattered families, poverty, public health crises, prohibition-related violence and the erosion of civil liberties,” “Lee said. Along with Senator Ron Paul (R-TX) and others, Lee was rallying for the end of marijuana prohibition this past June.”


Check out the full story here… http://rt.com/usa/news/cavity-search-drug-cruces-947/


Homicides hit new low?


Things have been a little quiet recently, not that I haven’t been listening or anything.  Quiet can be good.  Hopefully it is due to the rumble underneath becoming stronger and stronger and the interconnectedness of us all begins to take over as we finally see through eyes.  Whether it be plainly through our own, metaphorically through the eyes of others or even through those whom have past.  Us ’88’s learn fast.  To the point where I believe we can accomplish anything.

Homicides are steadily decreasing and have been since the decades of the 80’s and 90’s.  There is something to say about this.  A family member told me today that it is because of the increase in the number of police officers that serve us.  I believe it is due to the fact that my generation has been able to put aside the allure of the streets in hopes of finding a more productive agenda.  Its not like we weren’t exposed to the glory of having power, but for some reason I’m finding more and more my peers and I could care less what it is that you have (maybe its because chances are we’ve seen it or experienced it before and it just isn’t worth it?)

We have a declaration of Human Rights devised by I’m sure those whom committed grave travesties in order to win the war that they did in order to be a part of its creation.  Simple Human Rights, the right to food, shelter, family, the pursuit of happiness seems more and more like a game as I step out of my home and reflect.  Instead of being given these rights we have to put on a show and dance of some sort…in a way we have to work for these rights that are undoubtedly already ours.  Instead we must rely on luck for what we inherit, the availability of resources to create, and the opportunity to put it all together.  A narrow few luckily inherited an established last name which led to bountiful resources and all the opportunity in the world to put it together.  So long story short they in turn become the “Largest gnomes in the garden” metaphorically representing those different than all the other more common gnomes.  We’re all gnomes however, by dividing us gnomes aesthetically we have become the “have’s and the have not’s” .

So while were busy rustling from birth attempting to ascend socially instituted stratification levels of class…we forget that at one point and time we were just some gnomes with a whole lotta love in a big ass beautiful garden.

Sorry for the abrupt end but life calls….till next time my friends.