WE ARE 99!!!!

Check  it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-15160953


I dont know how I feel about this movement, founded by the most courageous of our generation with plenty to lose, being compared to the Tea Party in any way whatsoever….. it does make one think however…could a little organization throw this grassroots revolution over the top and make us, finally, a demographic to be reckoned with???

New York’s wheels are turning, Chicago is waking up, lets show some solidarity, where my 88’s at???

We have the numbers, its about being able to put aside our differences in motive to understand that we all want the same thing.  Fuckin Peace man.  We are 99.

Wait, what??

So apparently the New Mexico Police department fucked up…

I mean wtf, this isn’t like a raid on a drug house that comes up empty.  The NMPD acting on what they thought was a “credible tip” ordered this women to go through a “forcible and thorough” body cavity search.

Here’s the kicker…After they didn’t find anything they stuck this poor woman with the bill!!!

Here’s what it really comes down to….Courtesy of RT news…

“Before Congress earlier this year, Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) spoke out against the War on Drugs that has imprisoned millions since President Nixon launched it 40 years ago.”

“The human cost of the failed drug war has been enormous – egregious racial disparities, shattered families, poverty, public health crises, prohibition-related violence and the erosion of civil liberties,” “Lee said. Along with Senator Ron Paul (R-TX) and others, Lee was rallying for the end of marijuana prohibition this past June.”


Check out the full story here… http://rt.com/usa/news/cavity-search-drug-cruces-947/

New Era…Looking past the Hype and into Reality

Absolutely awesome dynamic and holistic thinking we should all be a part of.




Beyond 2012 – Evolving Perspectives on the Next Age, directed by Joao Amorim and Nikos Katsaounis.

Viva Mattaleba

Bigger Picture: We own nothing.  We know nothing.  We’re worth nothing.

My Picture:  We can change this.


The 21st century individual has been reduced to an apathetic and fear ridden consumer.

Unfortunately we have come to a point where we cannot keep running from the same fundamental problems that rid not only our society and culture but our minds as well.

An old college professor of mine once said, “Remember, humans do NOT mitigate, we ADAPT.”

Not only do I completely agree with my old Atmospheric Sciences Professor but adapting in order to co-exist with detrimental phenomena (in the realms of the environment as well as society, government etc.) has left us with war, debt and an increasingly depleted environment.

Socially, we humans simply fear what we do not know or understand and since we have been trained to vehemently argue misinformation, you can see how easily it is to get caught up in a web of useless information.

What is dangerous about this is that pockets of arrogant, scared and misinformed citizenry will act on this misinformation, having no true journalistic institutions willing to set the public straight (Rather, their job is to set the agenda for what you think about on a daily basis, which they, would rather it not be serious and legitimate news, i.e. “Bubble Boy”).  Remember, a confused and divided citizenry plays into the hands of those that wish to keep the status quo of “The leaders, and the lead”.

We better start mitigating some shit yo.