Under the Starry Skies

A very moving piece illustrating what lies beneath the beauty and wonder……..or at least that’s how I felt about it.  Either way, dope.


undays in the air

Reflections from undays….       As I detach farther and farther from the ideologies of my past I begin to wonder….Is there no turning back?  At the age of twenty three is there no going back to a reality of rewards and bitter bitter fits of defeat?

Only to move forward seeing the past for what it was.   Indeed at this point more like a fairy tell which I cant recall whether the ending was real or ongoing.  Am I still a child?  Its been a while since Ive been a fan of labels but only now in this very moment do I not battle these enemies of mine more than ever.   Why?   To completely shut down from everything around me presents itself as an undesirable option.  I like it when people are happy.  I love it.  Mere exploitation and disappointment however is a direct consequence of this.   Logic, reason, respect, and treating others. receives fucking nothing.

These people, my soul mates, are often misunderstood to the point of being classified within 2-3 months…definitively

Why do find that the more I think of my best interest…my best interest seems to be wasted?

Again however, the thought of lending any more of my mental to others scares me.  Seriously I feel something in my chest which makes me feel sad; as if I’ve lost something.  It could be the K.West that’s playing in the background but regardless the only sense of real emotion takes its dive into the upper stratification of leba without regard to when or where really when I think of the masses upon masses of people I need to be happy in order for I to be content.

I think something of those born in ’88…I see it in a little of the ’87’s as well.  Dunno what it is yet, stay tuned for developments.   90’s babies are fucking crazy…I really hate to generalize like this but I mean….shit.  I respect their will however…no matter how much of it is tainted with prescription pills.

We just have to start thinking of the positive I guess. Maybe this all stems from thinking about so much negative lately.  Maybe the fortune of the masses require positive energy…and thoughts.  Everyone it seems is willing to advise/suggest solutions to these negative energy producing dilemmas however a wise man, back, in the day once told me, “People should be more like the art on the wall instead of the curator in the gallery.”

No way I’m going back.  Up and onward goes the tone of a true positive energy trend setter.  🙂

Viva Mattaleba

Bigger Picture: We own nothing.  We know nothing.  We’re worth nothing.

My Picture:  We can change this.


The 21st century individual has been reduced to an apathetic and fear ridden consumer.

Unfortunately we have come to a point where we cannot keep running from the same fundamental problems that rid not only our society and culture but our minds as well.

An old college professor of mine once said, “Remember, humans do NOT mitigate, we ADAPT.”

Not only do I completely agree with my old Atmospheric Sciences Professor but adapting in order to co-exist with detrimental phenomena (in the realms of the environment as well as society, government etc.) has left us with war, debt and an increasingly depleted environment.

Socially, we humans simply fear what we do not know or understand and since we have been trained to vehemently argue misinformation, you can see how easily it is to get caught up in a web of useless information.

What is dangerous about this is that pockets of arrogant, scared and misinformed citizenry will act on this misinformation, having no true journalistic institutions willing to set the public straight (Rather, their job is to set the agenda for what you think about on a daily basis, which they, would rather it not be serious and legitimate news, i.e. “Bubble Boy”).  Remember, a confused and divided citizenry plays into the hands of those that wish to keep the status quo of “The leaders, and the lead”.

We better start mitigating some shit yo.